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1) Halo Friendlies (self-titled) - 1998 Jackson/Rubio

Very interesting (if you like the Breeders). Not too punkish, but ok. Pretty good guitar. My rating: 6.


2) Racer 10 "Melodies & Memories" - 1996 One Foot

Interesting. Fast drums. Basically, punk wannabes. Punk nerds can relate to this band. Basically, a teenie-bopper punk wannabe group. My rating: 4


3) Super Hi-Five "Strength Control Action" - Creep

Kinda like Biohazard. Yells alot. Much better than my last 2 reviewed bands! Music to bang your head to.

Racer 10-PLEASE TAKE NOTE!!! My rating: 8


4) Rollins Band "Weight" - 1994 Imago Recording

This band features the ex-singer of Black Flag. When singing fast, sounds like Super High-Five (even though these guys were doing this 20 years ago). When singing slow, sounds like Beck. Very heavy, though. Great buy! My rating: 9



More reviews coming soon.

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