Nasal Interviews
This is a new interview I just conducted with Jay from The Defectives an indie punk band out of Texas.

The 2nd another new one was conducted with Marni (cool name) from the Baltimore Grrl Punk Band Die Cheerleader Die
Here we go.

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Nasal Def Punx!!
Heeeeeere's Jay!!
Matt: What's the scene like there?
Jay: well its cool if yer a metal, this being a metal town... but theres a decent scene
Matt: Any plans for an album or a tour/
Jay: lotsa hardcore punks
Jay: well weve been tryn to get a good recording.. we
have a tape and a seven inch out.. and we wanna make a
CD but money and time are bad
Jay: as for touring we play outta town shows every now
and then but we really dont have the transportation yet
Jay: wed rather make a CD than buy a van..ya know..
Matt: Cool. Is vinyl popular where you live? I collect it but no one else around here does
Jay: heh heh.. i wish .. i still have 300 copies of our
old 7 in..cuz most people dant own a turntable.. those
Matt: Vinyl kicks ass man. I wish my band could
make one. Who are some of your influences?
Jay: well the RAMONES!. . the queers .. teengenerate..
rocks and roll stuff.
Matt: I dig all that shit man. Ramones are living god.
What's your opinion of this whole rap-core thing that's
going on now?
Jay: hah hah.. stick it up your ass..
Jay: it blows..
Matt: Well dude that about wraps it up. Any last words?
Jay: well thanks to everyone who goes to shows and
supports local music, and thank you you can write to us
at :
chinese bob
po box 500233
san antonio tx
78240.. bye

Matt: What are some of your influences?
marni: ok am I speaking for myself or for the whole
Matt: Probablly the whole band
marni: Hmmm ok...well We all grew up listening to a
lot of punk, the queers, ramones, and screeching weasel.
Each of us though listens to different types of music
now...melissa likes bands like hotwater music, robyn
likes ska, I'm into metal and riot grrrl....and so on
and so forth so we just use a little bit of everything
Matt: Yeah it's good to be diverse. This seems to
be a cliche of female bands. Are you into the Donnas?
marni: hahah well that depends on who you ask...robyn
and melissa despise them. I like the old stuff. i'm not
sure about elyse and jamie. they are an ok band. I think
there are much better chick bands then the donnas though
Matt: That seems to be a new thing comparing all
girl bands to the Donnas. Of course you all have a more
raw sound with is cool.
marni: hahah damn a compliment ...i almost forgot what
that was:)
Matt: At least your keeping the dream alive for
around here. Baltimore seems to have a fun scene
marni: yea..I personally was never into the baltimore
scene until recently...I always just went to local vfw
shows...I grew up watching code blue, the beatmeups,
smizokes etc....but the bands i've seem are awesome.
its slightly intimidating :)
Matt: The scene there seems to be getting bigger
and bigger. The punk scene here is dead everyone want
to be like Korn. What are your future plans?
marni: haha well we won't be korn thats for sure..i 'm
not really sure what we will do. We are thinking about
recording this summer. Until then just practice practice
practice. and drinking of course:)
Matt: Sounds like a plan. Any future shows lined
marni: yup...we have feb 19th w/ the dc swindlers and
the contraceptives (sidebar tavern), the 23rd of march
at the ottobar w/ the putouts and the dirty little slut
fucks, april...23rd i believe at st mary's college with
a ton of bands...and sometime in may i'm hoping to do a
chick show and have been talking to the rondelles about
playin....but nothing is definite
Matt: Awesome. I'll check you out one of those
dates. Any advice for new bands
marni: don't stress out. Have fun. And NEVER EVER
EVER have an ex boy/girl friend play in the band :)

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