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News of the World

MXPX everyone's favorite Christian Skate Punkers are
back with a new cd May 10th. I'm so excited!!!!!

Pop-punk goofballs The Smurfs have released a 7"
with 9 songs . Look for the new sound clips on their website for
3 new songs at
/9301/indextwo.html also catch the new cd-r of them now
availble for 5 dollars on the website

The local hardcore punk coffee house here called The
Cave will shut it's doors June 1st due to the 80 year
old landlord being a bitch. Last show is May 19th.

I've started my own record label called Have A Nice
Day Records and the first release will be a tape comp I
call Geek Core vol 1. Also upcoming No End will spilt a
tape with another band yet to be determined and also in
late summer we'll have Bleed Into One's 2nd demo.

Also in local news local hardcore/grind greats Strong
Intention plan to also release a tape with my band
Skull Fucker. They may be waiting awhile since my band
never practices.

Johnny Fink leader of the VA screamo punk obnoxious
core band Churl is looking for bands and labels to
support his up and coming label and distro Positive
Hypnosis Records. For info e-mail Johnny at or write him at
Johnny Fink
9801 Ceralene Dr
Fairfax VA 22032

Hopefully this summer I can get together my Slacker
Fest because April 22nd it was cancelled. More details
to come.

In Tooth and Nail news. Ghoti Hook is planning to
release a new cd in April and well as punk band Slick
Shoes. Look for new songs from these band on the new
Tooth & Nail sampler Cheapskates the harder side brand
new for only 2 dollars!! Can't go wrong there. Slick
Shoes is also releasing an upcoming split ep with the
band Cooter and also touring with that band in the

Sofa Records one of my favorite labels it putting
out a few things in the future. Headnoise is in the
studio recording a new album. Pink Daffodils have a full
length coming soon and the newest band Solace is making
their Sofa debut as well.

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