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This is the place where the albums get the hey or nay from me.
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Nasal Def Punx!!
This is the place where the albums get the hey or nay from me.

Nasal Def Punx!!


The Dropouts Puke cd Mutant Pop 2000 Well Timbo of
Mutant Pop Records decided he's not gonna make anymore
7"s because of financial probelms so here's the new
brainstorm Short Run Cds. Well this one is very good.
This TX punk band takes the cake with 4 snot-nosed punk
songs in 6 mins time. I like this a lot but wish it was
on vinyl.

The Proteens Prof Teenagers cd Mutant Pop 2000 Well yet
another Mutant Pop short run cd I'll try too collect
most of these. This band comes outta Baltimore (yay
local) and they do 9 songs of Screeching Weasel/Queers
influenced punk rock.

The Wanna-Bes Saturday Night 7" Mutant Pop 1999 well
this is one of the last Mutant Pop 7"s (wipes tear from
eye) okay well this is very good Ramones-core type stuff
outta Seattle these 4 songs are very cool. If your into
the Riverdales Decibels or Sicko. 2 thumbs up can't
wait for the cd.

No Idea The Rock Don't Stop 7" Paranoid 1999: I don't
believe it finally a pop-punk band outta West Virginia!
Well at least one that know how to play it right. 4
songs clear vinyl on a brand new label called Paranoid
Records. These guys have the early 90's lookout sound
going for them. They're right the Rock Don't Stop on
this 7"!!

Open Mic Night You Punk My Battleship Cd-R 1999 Well
this local Christian punk band puts out their first cd
I must say it's a winner! The Ode to Teletubbies and
one note songs are both proven goof anthems but they
also got very digable meaningful songs like Josh's Girl
Song Individuatility, and punk anthems like the song
Open Mic Night a definate winner!!

Automatics Murder/Suicide cd Just Add Water: 2000 Well
they certainly matured into a more punk outfit then
their Mutant Pop days. More of a Queer/SW spin on this
cd. It's still got all the hooks and makes all the kids
just wanna dance.

The Muffs Alert Today Alive Tommorow cd Honest Don's
1999: Well Kim Shattuck and Co leaves Reprise Records
and goes to the indie Honest Don's label home of Limp
Teen Idols and Chixdiggit. They bow to no one on this cd
it rips with the best of them. Not quite as much
screaming on this album but a lot of hooks and good
lyrics. This band will be legends of the future.

Rondelles Revenge 7" No year Well this was an interesting
7". No release year and an unknown label. Packaging was
very spiffy though made like an old jukebox 45. On
with the review this all female DC trio rocks out with a
punk flavored girl pop single with great harmonies and
lots and lots of casiotone cheese. Great indie rock 7'!!

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nice guy just send me a blank tape and a buck too
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